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The grass is cut and the batteries are re-charged.

IMG_5464 Nachgeladen

Open a young boar after hunt

IMG_5455 Aufbrechen IMG_5456 Aufbrechen IMG_5457 Aufbrechen

Shooting Training

IMG_5438 Bewegungsschiessen IMG_5441 Bewegungsschiessen

1 Day on the shooting range


IMG_5344 Kugelschiessen IMG_5345 Kugelschiessen


IMG_5354 Schrotschiessen IMG_5357 Schrotschiessen IMG_5358 Schrotschiessen IMG_5361 Schrotschiessen IMG_5367 Schrotschiessen

IMG_5338 Waffenreinigung IMG_5342  Waffenreinigung

Instruction in Safe Weapon Handling

IMG_5322 Waffenhandhabung IMG_5326 Waffenhandhabung IMG_5327 Waffenhandhabung IMG_5329 Waffenhandhabung IMG_5333 Waffenhandhabung

Addtional course

We do offer an additional course. Start 26. October 2013. Duration 9 days. Block I.

24 Fernglas


Our students course has started in May. Now that the summer holidays have started the students do use every single minute to prepare the exam.

IMG_5317 Schüler Jagdscheinkurs

Nature can teach us a lot

Tina has joined a course from the Hunting Association Baden-Württemberg. The Morning was led by Rainer Schall. The theme was sustainability demonstrated by a project of producing carbon. The afternoon was organized by Peter Schütz who taught us exciting detail about insects.

IMG_5290 Holzbündel für Kohleproduktion IMG_5293 Rainer positioniert Dosen im Feuer IMG_5298 Malen Waldbild IMG_5305 Schwarzwild Spiel IMG_5306 Peter


IMG_0353k IMG_0355 k