Getting your license

Our classic course- With proven success for over 22 years

20 day crash course

  • The fastest way to get a hunting license

Duration:           20 days in 3 separate units (10 days for basic skills, 5 days for advanced skills, 5 days of preparation for the examination)
Cost:                   1750,00 Euros

Vacation course for students

  • 3 week crash course (10% discount)

Duration:           3 weeks
Cost:                  1575,00 Euros

Winter course

  • 20 days in the months of November, December and January
  • Ideal for craftspeople and farmers

Duration:           20 days
Cost:                  1750,00 Euros

Individual courses

  • Individualized personal instruction that is designed to consider the students wishes
  • Theory lessons can be held at a desired location near the school

Duration:           Arranged to the students wishes, but a duration of at least 20 days is recommended
Cost:                  Arranged after consultation

Courses at desired locations

  • Small groups from four people on
  • Classes held in your home town

Duration:           20 Tage
Cost:                  1.950,00 Euros