Advanced training

Individual shooting training

  • You are already a hunter and want to improve your shooting skills
  • You want to improve your routine
  • You want to improve your accuracy

Duration:                       Arranged after consultation
Cost:                              50 Euros an hour plus ammunition and stall money

Trapping course

  • Theory and regulating laws
  • Positioning of traps
  • Choosing the right bait
  • Practical training on building and handling traps

Duration:                      11,5 days
Cost:                             130,00 Euros

Expert hunter

  • Emphasis: Recognizing alarming characteristics
  • Legal principles

Duration:                    5 hours
Cost:                           90,00 Euros

Meat processing class

  • Preparation of game with a focus on recognizing alarming characteristics
  • Complete preparation, from skinning to a ready to cook piece of meat

Duration:                     1 day
Cost:                            90,00 Euros